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Item 1
Title: Rule the World
Choreographers: Brodie Anderson and Megan McGuinness
Dancers’year(s): Junior Regional Ensemble (years 4 & 5)
Program Note: Power. Glory. Dominance. Be careful what you wish for. You may get more than you bargained.
Link: Watch Here

Item 2
Title: Letter
Choreographers: Hayley Vane-Tempest-Stewart & Brittany Dean
Dancers Year(s): Senior Regional Ensemble (years 9 – 12)
Program Notes: This contemporary dance piece Letter is about finally having the courage to speak out about something you’ve been holding in for a long time. It’s a wave of emotions as you process the effects of being vulnerable and brave.
Link: Watch Here

Item 3
Title: Dog Days
Choreographer: Lisa Bolte
Schools Name: Terrigal PS
Dancers year(s): Stage 3
Program Notes: It is very easy to get weighed down by all of the pressures when growing up in today’s society. School, study and social media consume our everyday lives. Terrigal Public School’s performance explores the positive power of friendships and the important reminder to get your head off the screens to enjoy the amazing world around us.
Link: Watch Here

Item 4
Title: Strings
Choreographers: Brydie McKibbin &
Dancers years: Intermediate Regional Ensemble (years 6 – 8)
Program Notes: The Intermediate Ensemble have explored the idea of devoting your life to something you are truly passionate about, only to have it taken away from you. The violin is used as their inspiration to represent the object of their obsession and the dance deals with the emotional turmoil that ensues when it is ultimately stripped away from them.
Link: Watch Here