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DEPA values our teachers and are proud to honour their experience and knowledge.

Here, we introduce a DEPA NSW member and take a peek inside their studio/classroom to learn more about our community, and consider best-practice pedagogy.

Hi! I am: Kylie Croucher

I teach at: Inaburra School

I’ve been here: 5 years as a Dance Teacher starting the Dance Program at the school.

I first began dancing: Age 3, at Pamela Ryan Academy.

I first began teaching: 10 years ago, at Brewarrina Central School.

My favourite style to teach: Contemporary.

The most special teaching memory of my career: having a parent tell me they never thought they would see the day their child would feel confident and comfortable enough to stand on a stage, never lone be singing and dancing with a big smile on her face in the school musical I directed.

The most ridiculous thing that has ever happened in my classroom: Teaching hip hop whilst on crutches after tearing my ACL.

The greatest teaching success I have enjoyed was: Creating the Independent Dance Festival; a Dance festival showcasing excellence in Dance in Independent Schools across the Sydney region.

My proudest teaching moment: Happens at the end of every year when you farewell your Year 12 students knowing how much they have grown in themselves, what obstacles they have overcome and seeing them realise their potential.

Pedagogically, I specialise in: Helping students push boundaries in composition and improving their performance quality through understanding how to use dynamics in performance.

One tip I’d give graduating dance teachers in their first year: Let your love of Dance be infectious! Know what you want to achieve (in your lesson, in your unit of work, in your Dance program, and in your career) and plan backwards from there to reach it.

A short learning experience, programming, administration or student-management trick which never fails: Have fun music playing as the students enter the classroom, it lifts their spirits, brings a smile to their face and gets them enthused to move immediately.

My favourite aspect of teaching in a school is: The beautiful relationships I build with my students through teaching, being creative, sharing ideas, taking risks, problem solving and collaborating with them in the Dance classroom as well as interacting with them in the wider school environment throughout their high school journey.