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Item 1
Title of the work- Pressure
Choreographer’s name Danielle Barsi
Schools’ name Asquith Girls High School
Dancers’ year group(s)Years 9-12
Program note: This piece explores the different ways in which individuals cope with pressure or stressful situations. How long do we allow the pressure to bubble away under the surface before it needs to be released?
Link: Watch Here

Item 2
Title of the work : Arachnophobia
Choreographer’s name: Lisa Wheeler
Schools’ name: Blakehurst Public School
Dancers’ year group(s): Years 3-6
Link: Watch Here

Item 3
Title of the work – Rumination
Choreographer’s name – Amelia Morello
Schools’ name – East Hills Girls Technology HS
Dancers’ year group(s) – 9 – 11
Program note – Rumination is the process of continually thinking about the same thoughts, which is common for people who possess personality characteristics, such as perfectionism and neuroticism. This work is inspired by choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker.
Link: Watch Here

Item 4
Title of the work – Idiosyncrasies
Choreographer’s name – Lauren Mazzieri
Schools’ name – Lucas Heights Community School
Dancers’ year group(s) – Year 7, Year 8, Year 9, and Year 11
Program note – The work explores the beauty of idiosyncrasies – those unique quirks and habits that make us who we are.
Link: Watch Here