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Item 1
Title of the work- Fragments
Choreographer’s name- Nadina Zappia
Schools’ name- WHSPA
Dancers’ year group(s)- Year 9 Company Z
Program note – WHSPA Year 9 Company Z drew inspiration from the renowned Spanish artist Pablo Picasso’s masterpiece, “Weeping Woman,” to create their piece titled “Fragments.” This painting portrays the immense suffering experienced by women impacted by the devastating events of the Spanish Civil War. The fragmented and angular forms in the artwork symbolise the shattered psychological state of these individuals, emphasising the profound fragmentation and brokenness of their emotions. Through distorted features, irregular shapes, and exaggerated expressions reminiscent of Picasso’s painting, “Fragments” captures the anguish, grief, and despair endured by these women.
Link: Watch Here

Item 2
Title of the work- Draw From Within
Choreographer’s name- Chris Richards
Schools’ name- WHSPA
Dancers’ year group(s)- Senior Company R (Year 11 and 12)
Program note – “I needed to paint to feel, but without feeling I couldn’t paint.” Painter’s block is a condition where an artist is either unable to produce new work or experiences a creative slowdown. WHSPA Senior Company R in their work Draw from Within explores how painters can be hesitant of what they paint based on how it will be perceived by the audience.
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Item 3
Title of the work- There Is Always Hope
Choreographer’s name- Caitlin Kryger
Schools’ name- Southern Stars Primary Performing Company
Dancers’ year group(s)- Year 4, 5 and 6
Program note – The society that is seen in today’s world can be a negative place, where both children and adults can get lost and lose sight of their goals and aspirations. But it is important to remember that you can always hold on to hope, hope that one day this reality can change. The primary students of the Southern Stars Performing Company are here to show the world that “There is Always Hope”.
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