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Item 1

Title of the work : Down The Rabbit Hole
Choreographer’s name: Chloe Woodward
Schools’ name : Northern Beaches Secondary College Manly Campus
Dancers’ year group(s) : Years 10 to 12
Program note (optional) : As curiosity, suspicion and anger grow, a conspiracy theory takes hold
Link: Watch Here

Item 2

Title of the work : Dis – Connect
Choreographer’s name: Hanako Greuter (Former Student)
Schools’ name : Northern Beaches Secondary College Mackellar Girls Campus
Dancers’ year group(s) : Years 7 & 8
Program note (optional) : You only need to look beside you to realise your experiences are not yours alone… the chaos will subside when you allow yourself to connect.
Link: Watch Here

Item 3

Title of the work : Just Do It
Choreographer’s name: Kelly Lukic
Schools’ name : Berowra Public School
Dancers’ year group(s) : Years 4 to 6 Boys
Program note (optional) : Block out the stereotypes and expectations. Never give up, no matter what, we run.
Link: Watch Here

Item 4
Title Of The Work: This Is Me
Choreographer’ Name: Monique Holmes
School’s name: Denistone East Public School
Dancer’s year group(s): Years 4 to 6
Program Note: Celebrate self-acceptance and empowerment, encourage people to embrace their unique qualities.
Link: Watch Here