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Item 1
Title of the work: Anelosimus Eximius
Choreographer’s name: Sarah Minol
Schools’ name: Wyndham College
Dancers’ year group(s): Year 11 & 12
Program note (optional): The works explores a group of social spiders working together as a colony to build a web. The work starts with the spiders working together in unison, they then break into smaller groups weaving, spindling and threading a web. The work resolves with the web fully constructed.
Link: Watch Here

Item 2
Title of the work- Bang Bang
Choreographer’s name- Lauren Elton
Schools’ name- Blaxland High School
Dancers’ year group(s)- Year 7-12
Link: Watch Here

Item 3
Title of the work : Lock & key
Choreographer’s name: Jenny Turner
Schools’ name : Kellyville Public School
Dancers’ year group(s) : Performing students are from Years 5 & 6
Program note (optional) :
Our performance investigates the relationship of a lock to a key. Through contemporary dance elements, the performers have explored movement that represents those of a lock and how a lock can connect with a key to create the perfect combination. We have explored the elements of dance to create movement that represents the motion of a turning lock and the movements that represent a lock being prevented from opening. Will our lock find her key to escape her boundaries, or will she remain limited and forever searching?
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Item 4
Title of the work : Where Howarts Began…..
Choreographer’s name : Sharon Wilson, Nicole Franzke & Elise Fletcher
Schools’ name : Surveyors Creek Public School
Dancers’ year group(s) : Year 4 to Year 6
Program note (optional) :
Tells the story of how Hogwarts began and how the 4 houses came about. We highlight the role of the sorting hat in carefully sorting the students into their correct houses. Learning to become a wizard or witch can be tricky. Who is in charge, the wizard or the wand? And will they be able to be control the magic when the time comes?
Link: Watch Here